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Travel horror stories

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They say misery loves company, and few things make people more miserable than not being able to get where they need to go. Or having to take public transportation under less than desirable circumstances.

So how about sharing your all-time worst travel experiences in Chicago?

It could be the flight from hell, or the CTA ride that just couldn't end fast enough.

Speaking of flights from hell, Jon Hardman sent us a Blackberry message before boarding a United Airlines plane that did not have working bathrooms. He was headed to Rochester, NY.

"They keep making announcements 'we advise you to use the bathrooms prior to boarding the plane.' The equivalent of your parents saying 'you better go now, cause we're not stopping.' Unbelievable."

Jon never wrote back to say how the trip went, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say it wasn't pleasant. Then again, at least he wasn't headed to Australia.

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