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State funding: To be or not to be?

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There have been a lot of dire predictions lately about what will happen if the CTA, Metra and Pace don't get a combined $226 million to balance their respective budgets this year. The latest came from CTA President Ron Huberman, who's working on the CTA's contingency plans if funding from Springfield doesn't come through.

Do you think the state legislature will fork over the money Chicago's transit agencies need to avoid fare increases and service cuts?

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It would be nice if you could get the riders, especially those on the South Side, to cooperate, unfortunately that requires bus operators and there is a rather severe shortage of those. But there are plenty of bus drivers who sit watch the struggle to get past the fat person and their plethora of bags.

Maybe some occasional security might give riders hesitation about drinking, eating and peeing on the bus. I know it is a common sense issue, but they are commoners and that is the sense they make of it.

It can be done, I have seen it once or twice.

When a cockney acquaintance suggests he drop his h's,C.T.A. honcho Ron Huberman becomes Uberman, able to solve any transit crisis in three panels.While Uberman comics and action figures might bring in some money,a more likely scenario would be a public relations campaign outlining steps riders could take right now to save the C.T.A. big bucks.This would include recently and frequently talked about topics.If people didn't litter,vandalize,spit on,urinate on,defecate on or stick gum on C.T.A. property,maintenance costs would be much lower.If riders didn't block aisles and exits, more passengers could be transported in less time using less drivers and equipment.

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