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Metra parking crunch

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By the time you get a parking permit at a handful of suburban Metra stops with lengthy waiting lists, the Summer Olympics may be in town.

Commuters who want to park next to the Naperville stop on Metra's Burlington Northern Santa Fe line have it the worst, with a nearly nine-year wait for reserved quarterly parking.

But other suburbs are almost as bad: Clarendon Hills, 8 years; Lisle and Midlothian, both 5 to 7 years; and Hinsdale, at least five years.

Is parking a problem at your Metra station? How do you cope?

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BK, thanks for the comment. You're absolutely right that I should have posted something on the shooting a lot sooner. I did today.

A young man gets killed on a CTA bus and we have to wonder about suburban parking. Okay, makes sense.

I remember living in glendale heights and trying to take metra to the downtown area. AFter not being able to get a parking permit i decided to just drive as it was after all was said and done easier for me. Which is a sad statement for Illinois when they make commuting by car more attractive than by train. Luckily i now live in the far northwest burbs where parking is a 1.25 a day and parking is plentiful. I loved living in the West suburbs and grew up there but if for no other reason than the fact i work in the loop and have to utilize metra i wouldnt move there.

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