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Gas prices got your attention yet?

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With gas prices flirting with $4 a gallon in some parts of the city, I've gotten to the point where I'm only driving my car when I have to, which is not much. Paying over $50 to fill up a compact car is not a reality I want to get used to. Not when mortgage payments and college loans are already eating up an obscene amount of my paycheck.

But having done a fair amount of stories on high gas prices, I've noticed that everyone has a different threshold for when they'll start making changes to their driving habits because gas prices are too high. One guy I talked to recently told me his was $10 a gallon. What's yours?

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Let's take advantage of these high prices...and raise gas taxes! By comparison, the new taxes won't seem so bad.

And we need the gas tax increase so that we'll (1) reduce traffic congestion, (2) reduce demand for this limited natural resource, (3) do something about Global Warming, (4) improve our nation's foreign trade imbalance and the value of the US Dollar by spending a lot less on imported oil and imported vehicles, and (5) stop tearing apart our city infrastructure for more/bigger parking lots, expressways, and road widenings.

Looks like gas prices went up 20cents this Tuesday. Lucky the cold weather is gone and I can ride by bike more.
BP in Whiting,Indiana I have heard is adding to its refinery. And the 1st new refinery in USA in about 40 years is being built now.
At 4$ a gal I plan on using public trans a lot more. Such as taking the Metra to Red Line to catch a ballgame. Tho I can only ride my bike to work , because no public trans. is close enuff.

Of course no one wants to pay a lot for gas but considering people buy tankers instead of smaller cars, a compact will cost a lot to fill up, also. With no pressure on the auto industry & Congress to push for better gas mileage, we are getting what we deserve.

Question: What type of work do $10 @ gallon gas guzzling boastful individuals have for a career? Is this a white collar six-figure salaried individual, or your average LaShaun or Shenequa just trying to get by paycheck to paycheck?

Personally, $1.85 per gallon is my limited, but I can strecth to $2.40 when pushed. Besides that I ride CTA for a $70 per month bus pass or the $20 per weekly bus pass when funds are tight. Yes, the automobile sits and rust away the rest of the time.

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