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Who should get kicked off public transit?

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Six people in the past two years have been banned from all or part of the city's transit system because they committed unlawful acts on CTA property. See today's The Ride.

If you made the rules, what kind of behavior would merit someone losing his or her riding privileges?

This isn't just open to CTA riders. People who take Metra and Pace can give their two cents, too.

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I'm so sick of CTA and the continued threats of fare increases. Here's one way for them to add some about having their employees pay for riding the bus and train? I work for a bank and I don't get free money.

The CTA needs to ban those homeless riders who fall asleep on the train. At the Forest Park Station (and I'm sure at any other end-of-the-line-station), it takes CTA employees about 10 extra minutes just to wake them so the train can turn around and continue its route. They ride the train back and forth all day long(with the change we give them!), stinking up the cars with urine, body oder, food, etc. I suggest we stop supporting them with change.

All of the blogs are right on the money, but I think we all agree on the main ones, which are people who talk extremely loud on their cell phones and those who play their music so loud you can hear it through their earphones. I have a solution: Let the CTA and Metra put a restriction that allow that the front two cars only to be used for Cell Phones and Headphones and if you are caught using them on other cars you will be asked to exit the train or proceed to the front two cars.

ban the shell game convicts
these guys make my skin crawl
they board the train
play their silly little game
they act like one is winning money
and trick you out of your money
they work in fours
that means 4 of them
are working together
to steal your money..LETS BAN THESE GUYS!!!!!!

hey B K Ray-

you are so right on with that no bus- log jam thing. when i ask any driver what gives they say they are directed to do so by mgmt.

weird scenario-you wait, and wait and wait and wait for a bus and then 4 busses arrive-only loading the first. and that is a consistent scenario which indicates planning. what the agenda is I can only imagine. it is probably something like getting the drivers home by 5. furthermore, the only other bus that is on time on a regular basis is the 4:55 eastbound 76. a bus noone is on because it arrives before workers get out of work at 5. so if you DO NOT want a PUBLIC SERVICE job do something else.

PS-another favorite scenario is a bus driver reluctant to open the door a second time for passengers. they give you stink eye and act as if they are put out because they have to re-open the door (AS THEY ARE SITTING IN TRAFFIC AT THE STOP). Again, if you do not want to serve the public DO SOMETHING ELSE.

PSS-has anyone every investigated ethnic quotas at the CTA?

I do not think banning people from riding public transportation will make anything all that better, after all nature abhors a vacuum. I think if anyone is banned, then CTA board, the alderbutts and the train and bus managers should be banned to public transportation. And they should all have to ride the 8, the 4, the 79, the 20, the 126, the 34, the 9 the 63 and the Red Line between 2:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. on a school day.

I think we would see some improvements in service. First they would enjoy the 2:00 P.M. disappearing act (try it one day, not a bus until 3), then they would get the absolute joy of youth. Fighting, cussing, shouting, robbing what a wonderful experience, it is like a Universal Park Theme ride, the thrills, the chills, the spills. What an adventure. But wait folks, thats not all, no trip would be complete without the bunch and crunch starting at 4. First no busses, then busses galore, but the only one that will stop for you is the one packed tight as a can of vacuum packed pork and beans. And we will just toss in a few rude and slow drivers to boot. It will be a gas.

My comment was attributed to the wrong person, I wrote the comment that was posted by "anynomous" not the one below it about "out-of-the-box" thinking.

People should be banned who don't have their fare ready when they board the bus. Why should we have to wait for YOU to dig it out of any place that is inaccessible? Leave your cash/card in a coat or jacket pocket, and save your fellow riders some time.

The people who sneak into a bus as people leave through the back door. We have to pay- why shouldn't they? Then THEY get an attitude if you say something to them.

People who play their music so loud (with headphones) that everyone can still hear it. And people who think they and their conversations are so important that no matter who they are talking to, the speak loud enough for the whole train car/bus to hear.

Please start by eliminating the "Drink Car" on the Metra Rock Island is horrible. To think that they board at the LaSalle Station and have 4 beers by the time they reach Oak Forest, I have two words...DRUNK DRIVING. They get off of the train and then drive off.

People who say LIKE every other word, and people who use the F WORD all the time --- it's just so ugly and crass.

Among those banned should be the able-bodied people sitting in the "priority" seats who ignore the infirm or elderly who board. They all sit there glancing at one another to try to determine who, IF ANYONE, will finally get up. Mind you, they never make eye contact with the "deserving" rider until that last moment when they have to give up their seat. Ditto sentiments from others re: speaking loudly on cell phones, especially when the conversations are just so much pointless drivel that could wait until the "offender" gets home. I do have sympathy for someone who gets stuck in traffic and needs to make a quick (and discreet) call home or to the office, etc., but it's the insipid yakking that should get people booted! And all of those compelled to share their various bodily wastes with riders should be banned for life! They're more than a nuisance - they're a health hazard!


I drove a bus as a summer relief driver. I DID ban riders who tried to ride for free and riders who couldn't show me a valid transfer. The bus didn't move until they either paid their fares or got off the bus. Some of your readers may remember me, because I'm telling the truth.

I feel announcements should be made on the trains and all cta
service, for people to move too the back let other passengers
get on the train and bus, we all need to get to work just like
everyone else or we need to meet our destination one way or the
other, so please lets all move to the back of the bus or too
the middle of the train. thank you.

Give the heave ho to anyone who thinks that they are at home an has to put their feet up on the seats. Just because their parents never taught them anything and wish to go though life as the lowest common denominator, we should not have to suffer.

This may sound a bit like out-of-the-box thinking, I have witnessed serveral robberies on the CTA, often it occurs when thieves enter either in a group, than separate or surround an isolated or distracted indiviual-usually a female seated alone. Than either through distraction or simple boldness make a forceful grab for whatever belongs he or they can snatch as the doors open at the next stop. It is such a problem on certain stops that I would hope that the CTA may look at establishing a guarded "female only" transit car for woman traveling only at all hours.

People who purposely put their bags on the empty seat next to them so no one can sit down, if you don't want anyone sitting next to you then leave. Also those who leave sunflower seeds and chicken bones on the floor and those who enter through the back door to avoid paying.

Anyone who does not offer their seat to older people & pregnant women. Anyone who puts their personal belongings on the seat next to them- that is what you lap is for.

People who go around saying they will give you salvation, happiness, or well being if you buy one of their pamphets.

There is an amazing number of people who eat like savages on the trains and buses. It's disgusting. I once took the Halsted Bus from Lakeview to Bridgeport, this in the last four months and watched as a mother allowed her sons to eat food, what they didn't like, they were allowed to spit out, blah blah blah. It was disgusting. Animals.

People who argue, swear and threaten someone visible only to themselves.

Anyone who cusses others out on the bus.

People who converse with each other at the top of their lungs when they're next to each other or less than two feet away. Especially if they cuss you out for asking them to turn down the volume.

People who tell very personal things while talking on the phone. We don't want to hear about it.

People who have loud phone conversations period.

The person that hits on someone else after the "hittee" tells the flirt to leave the hittee alone.

Shell game artists who try to scam people on the train.

People who take public transportation are losers. Ban them all and do the world a favor.

Playing music without haedphones is banned. People talking on cell phones can be just as loud and anoying.
All cell phones should be banned from CTA riders,people who take Metra and Pace.

How about banning the idiots that all group together in bunches right by the train doors. I can't tell you how many times I've had to squeeze past a group of fools afraid to move to the center of the train.

Certainly my biggest candidates would be the slobs who excrete -- spit, urinate, you name it -- on trains and buses. Certainly they should be banned (after they clean up the messes they make) for a month or two. Or longer.

Beggars. I'm all for helping those less fortunate, but the ones who go from car to car asking for change is getting out of hand.

I ride the Metra, (Rock Island) I don't want anyone thrown off the train, maybe the conductor who does not do his job. They do nothing about loud music (something should be done about this) or loud phone conversations. thank you

As a former driver, I say you've pretty much caught a nice group already. The kids for one w/their foul language has a lot to be desired but the same can be said about their "adult" counterparts. . . they are just as bad.

I think all panhandlers on the CTA should be banned. Period. I am sick and tired of being asked for money on the Orange and Blue Lines.

People who snap their gum should be banned for life! People who eat food should be escorted off. People who block the back door of the bus when people are trying to get off, should be shoved right out the door (since their behavior is indicating they want to get off). People who stand in a clump at the front of the bus instead of moving back, should be asked to get off. People who speak "ebonics" in a loud voice should be asked to lower their voices or get off (or better yet, steered to a good American English class).

All of the raving heavily armed psychotics & bible thumping preachers, the bums and or the homeless people

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