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I'm going to be out of the country until next week, so if this blog seems quieter than usual, that's why.

Can't say I'm going to miss sitting in traffic on the expressway or listening to someone else's phone conversations on the bus. But I will miss reading your humorous posts on these and other topics, so please keep them coming while I'm gone.

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I thought I'd relate my trip from Chicago and State to Linden in Wilmette this past Sunday morning, April 22. The CTA apparently feels it does NOT have to notify its riders of impending changes to regular service or to provide CTA employees to the riding public to answer appropriate questions regarding these unannounced changes. My hats off that you remain in business at all!

I went down to the Chicago and State red line stop to catch a northbound train to Howard at 530am. When I got there I noticed all the yellow tape around the accesses to the northbound entrances and when I asked about it was told there was no northbound service all weekend at this stop, and that I could catch a northbound train at the Brown Line station at Chicago and Franklin. I walked the 5 blocks to the stop, entered, waived to the person in the booth and put my pass which I bought at Chicago and State into the turnstyle to enter and was told by the attendant who worked for Securitas and not CTA that no Brown Line trains would run until 730am and the Red Line trains that would pass would not stop there at all even though Chicago Avenue is a REGULAR stop on the Red Line at Chicago and State which really makes no sense at all but you know the CTA, always there for the customer. Being that it was now 555am I decided to walk back to Clark St to catch the 22 bus which went by as I was crossing La Salle and now had to wait another 25 minutes for the next 22 bus which now made it about 630am and I had essentially accomplished walking 2 blocks athough in reality I had walked 12 blocks. The 22 bus arrived at Lake Street at 635 am and I walked up to the platform to catch the Northbound Red Line train that arrived at the station at 645am. We experienced only small delays between Fullerton and Addison due to the 3 track business and after sitting between Jarvis and Howard for 15 minutes, the train pulled into Howard station at 745am. At Howard the whole Eastern platform and the 2 regular Northbound tracks were out of service for construction so all train movements involving the Red and Purple lines had to take place at the Western platform and the regular 2 Southbound tracks. The train I arrived on sat on the inside track at the station while 2 Southbound trains were brought out of the yard and run South before any Purple Line train was allowed to arrive. So after arriving at Howard at 745am, we did not leave Howard until 810am and I finally arrived at Linden at 830am. I just wanted to thank the CTA for their continued service and tell them how much I looked forward to dealing with them again. Thank you!

Hey Bobby. To answer your first question, grad school brought me to Chicago. Then I just ended up staying (no complaints here). As for my vacation, I was in Jamaica visiting some family members.

First, I would like to ask you what brought you to Chicago. Second, what area are you vacationing to, South America? Europe? Asia? Africa?

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