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Seen and overheard

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If you ride buses and trains often enough, you're bound to see and hear some strange things.

I, for instance, recently heard a guy breaking up with his girlfriend on a Red Line train. It was awful because the guy had to keep repeating himself because it was too noisy. Why he couldn't wait a few stops is beyond me.

And while telling someone 'it's not you, it's me," over the phone is bad enough, making your girlfriend ask for clarification during a breakup is just wrong.

What are your travel tales? If they're good, they might end up in the paper.

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Red Line, Monday, 4:45 p.m., southbound from Granville. A 50-ish tall white man with a white cane comes through the emergency door from the next carriage of the train. He sits down and is calm for a while but then whips out a small red pair of scissors and begins frantically cutting his own hair. I try to ignore this; two other men watch intently, or in disbelief.

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