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Red-light, red-handed

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In the first installment of my new column, The Ride, I wrote about the 10 intersections where you're most likely to get caught by one of the city's red-light cameras.

So far, I've been lucky enough not to get one of these yet, but several people I know have. What about you? At $90 a pop, these tickets are no joke.

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I had a friend this weekend get a ticket from the new system because she didn't stop behind the white line before making a right on red. She did stop, but it was past the white line. She did this so she could see past the other cars. Now I know you are supposed to stop at the white line and then move up, but how many folks do this? And really is this a safety issue or a revenue maker? Nail the folks who treat a right on red a a green light. Not the folks who do come to a stop.

I have seen the cameras at 79th and Cottage Grove, but since I am on the CTA, I have no idea of its effectivenes. Even if they can prove it is your car, the ticket is for the driver, so how can they prove who was driving at the time?

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