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Kruesi is out. Huberman's in.

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By now, you've probably heard the news that CTA President Frank Kruesi is being replaced by Ron Huberman, Mayor Daley's former chief of staff. Think it will help?

Huberman lacks Kruesi's experience in the transportation realm, but insiders think he'll be more of a consensus builder in Springfield as the CTA, Metra and Pace continue to haggle for more money.

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this will definitely help. Hubie won't be working alone, he will be working in conjunction with the city and therefore integrating the needs of the future of the city with the needs of the present status.

I think it is an awesome idea. Prior to that the CTA was operating independently of the oversight of the city.

Who cares if he rides-as long as he is petitioning the riders and considering their needs and wants.

PS Hey Hubie, you better get on that board with assisting people with disabilities. it is a disgrace that so many platforms do not aid them. we do not need any more plants or sculptures on Michigan Ave. until that problem is rectified. It is disgraceful to our city to be so behind the trend.

Huberman lacks Kruesi's experience in the transportation realm.

Is Mr. Huberman going to at least ride the system more regularly than Mr. Kruesi, or will he opt for the company car that Frank gave up? He being a novice to transportation, I cannot possibly view this person riding with the common folks daily.

Oh well, replace one and slide the same thought pattern into the slot.

Riders, this is the Consistent Transferring of Anuses (CTA) from one department to another department, with no significant improvement in service.

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