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Bus Tracker for everyone

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The CTA announced that it's going to expand its bus tracker program to all routes by next year. That means people with access to the Bus Tracker site or a web-enabled PDA can check to see exactly where their bus is and how long they'll have to wait for it.

The CTA is also saying that Bus Tracker will make its supervisors and dispatchers better able to track delays and respond to them, since they'll be able to use the system to see where every bus on a particular route is. The way things are done now, supervisors don't have much more information on where buses are than members of the riding public standing at a bus stop.

What do you think? Will Bus Tracker be the answer to the infuriating problem of bus-bunching? Is it something that would help you plan your commute better? Or is it just a well-timed PR stunt to usher out the age of Kruesi on a positive note?

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