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Six people in the past two years have been banned from all or part of the city's transit system because they committed unlawful acts on CTA property. See today's The Ride.

If you made the rules, what kind of behavior would merit someone losing his or her riding privileges?

USA Today had a piece on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to make people driving into Manhattan pay an $8 congestion fee. Think a similar plan could or should be implemented in Chicago?

For my column this week, I spoke to several transit riders with disabilities who say that Pace, Metra and the CTA have gotten a lot better at accomodating disabled riders, but there are still big problems that need to be fixed.

The CTA announced that it's going to expand its bus tracker program to all routes by next year. That means people with access to the Bus Tracker site or a web-enabled PDA can check to see exactly where their bus is and how long they'll have to wait for it.

Four Northwest side alderman, in conjunction with the Healthy Streets Campaign, are on a mission: to cut in half the number of vehicle crashes in the 10-sq. mile area between Fullerton, Austin, Montrose and Kedzie. You can see why, considering there are roughly 25 crashes a day in that area, and ten people were killed in 2005.

Our City Hall reporter Fran Spielman wrote this piece today, raising the possibility that CTA Chair Carole Brown may be next to step down. Apparently, Ron Huberman, Daley's pick to replace outgoing CTA President Frank Kruesi, has expressed an interest in working with someone else, due to past clashes with Brown.

By now, you've probably heard the news that CTA President Frank Kruesi is being replaced by Ron Huberman, Mayor Daley's former chief of staff. Think it will help?

I'm going to be out of the country until next week, so if this blog seems quieter than usual, that's why.

Red-light, red-handed

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In the first installment of my new column, The Ride, I wrote about the 10 intersections where you're most likely to get caught by one of the city's red-light cameras.

Your longest commute

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What's the longest amount of time it has taken you to get to work on the CTA, Metra or Pace? I bet you CTA riders can pull from your experiences this week, now that one of the tracks at Belmont and Fullerton is shut down.

Seen and overheard

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If you ride buses and trains often enough, you're bound to see and hear some strange things.

How has your commute been impacted by three-tracking at Belmont and Fullerton?

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