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What drives you nuts?

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Loud cell phone calls. People who crowd the doors on a loaded train car. Riders who don't give up their seats for pregnant women or the elderly. What's the worst of the worst when it comes to bad transit etiquette?

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Yeah, Jake, I don't miss the traffic in Atlanta or using MARTA, which contrary to the ad campaigns isn't "smarta."

P.S. Welcome to Chicago Monifa -- worse public transit but traffic (outside of the Dan Ryan during construction) isn't -quite- as bad as Atlanta's!

Cell phones - loud or soft. I dare, I double dare, I double-dog dare the CTA to hold a referendum on whether cell phones should be banned and buses and trains, it'd be a landslide!

People standing in the front, all hugged up by the door when there are seats in the back. When the bus driver tells people to move to the back, none of them ever think the driver is talking to them. They are often big and fat or they are smuggling midgets in their back packs.

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