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Acts of kindness on the L

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Ever lost something important that a fellow commuter was kind enough to return? Know of a bus driver or Metra train conductor who went beyond the call of duty to help you out?

Tell us about it.

The same goes for traffic aides, cab drivers, airport employees and anyone else in the transportation business who deserves to be recognized for an act of kindness.

Don't worry, you'll soon find plenty of places on this blog to air your grievances about slow trains, inconsiderate commuters and less-than-helpful customer assistants, but if you're responding to this post, let's stick to the warm and fuzzies, OK?

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In Dec. 2006, I fell getting off the Cottage Grove bus at 58th St. Two commuters (one male, one female) got off and helped me to my feet. I never got a chance to properly thank them. The bus driver pulled off so fast once they got back on, I'm shocked she didn't take off while they were assisting me. I hope they get a chance to read this. I really thank them for their assistance and the guy especially for bearing my weight while helping me to my feet. I thank you all for your kind words and assistance from the bottom of my heart!

Is chivarlry dead? Yes and no. I was 8 months pregnant and had to take the Blue Line from my Bucktown home to my job downtown because I couldn't fit behind the wheel of my car anymore. It was July.. I was hot and the trains were hotter. One evening when I boarded the crowded train at State and Lake someone began pounding on the windows. I was standing in the aisle. I'm short so I couldn't see who it was. People tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I recognized him. I said "no". Then the woman next to me said, "Oh,I think he's pointing out that you are pregnant and standing." All the sudden the people who pretended not to see me now offered up their seats. I thank the window-pounder more than the man whose seat I eventually took. By the way, during that last tri-mester of "L" riding more often it was a woman who offered her seat. Thanks to all of you.

Dear Monica,

I’m the proprietor of Under the Ginkgo Tree B&B in Oak Park, Illinois–Gloria Onischuk.

1st - My guests from Texas, Sam and Susan, have been guests here for over 10 years–every June for three weeks. They drive to Oak Park and rarely use the car again until they leave. They travel all the colored lines on the CTA and they go everywhere. Sam always comes with a list of new places and restaurants and some of their old haunts. I’ve suggested to Sam he could write a column on how to use the CTA system.

2nd - My guests from all over Europe and the United States are so impressed with our means of transportation–it’s nothing but compliments, compliments, compliments.

Random Acts of Kindness–the people of the Midwest invested kindness.

Gloria Onischuk

I ride the Metra every day to and from La Grange. A few years ago, I got off in La Grange, leaving my cell phone on the seat. I had just walked in and my wife said that someone called saying that they found my cell phone. I called my phone, and the conductor of the train I was just on answered(she was nearly in Naperville by now), she told me that her train will be stopping by La Grange again tonight at 7:30, and she could meet me at the station and return my phone as the train doors open. I asked what her favorite wine was, and I then quickly bought her a bottle and presented it to her promptly at 8:30!
Since that day, we see each other now and then at Union Station, she gives me a smile, I keep my phone on vibrate.

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