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Of the enormous variety of tech news I receive throughout the day, I most enjoy telling readers about news nuggets that turn assumptions on their heads.

Here's one that shows that newspapers aren't the dinosaurs nearly everyone assumes.

And I'll admit, it also soothes us newspaper types' anxieties a bit.

A comScore study shows that print newspapers and magazines are the top source of barcodes and QR (quick response) coes that people are scanning with their mobile phones to get more information what they're reading.

The data -- the latest available for the month of June -- show that 14 million people, or 6.2 percent of people using mobile phones, scanned a barcode or a QR code, the latter a Rorschach test-looking square pattern that works like a barcode in accessing information wirelessly. The No. 1 source for 49.4 percent of the codes were print newspapers and magazines, followed by 35.3 percent a product package.

Even more surprising about comScore's findings is that more than half (53.4 percent) of the QR or bar-code scanners were people ages 18-34, followed by 36.8 percent ages 25-34, and more than one of every three QR code scanners (36.1 percent) had a household income of $100,000 or higher.

So much for today's digitally savvy tech geeks never interacting with print media.

In fact, I hope to offer lots more head-twisters every weekday.

Welcome to Digital Second City Scoops, my new blog that will provide insights into innovation in Chicago, and accompany my renamed, 11-year-old technology column, Digital Second City Scene.

Besides sharing comments, I welcome your news and insights -- consider it the Sun-Times' version of innovation news crowdsourcing.

After all, Chicago's entrepreneurs were the founders of crowdsourcing (witness CrowdSPRING, and have made their own headlines through their use of crowdfunding and QR coding (see column).

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