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WASHINGTON--GOP White House candidate Mitt Romney and Democratic House caucus chair Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) are the speakers at the annual Gridiron Club dinner this Saturday night.

From the pulpit of the historic First Baptist Church in Selma, White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton talks about the march for civil rights "we all know we have to finish" towards "one America," that still has some distance to go.

"But we've got to stay awake. we've got to stay awake, because we have a march to finish. a march toward one America, that should be all America was meant to be," Clinton said.


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SELMA, AL.---Just a short time from now, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are poised to take to the pulpits in two churchs down the street from each other in this town marking the 42nd anniversary of a bloody struggle for voting rights.

A contingent of House members are also here, flying from Washington to bear witness. They got caught in the cross fire of the two presidential campaigns. They could choose the service to attend. Rep. Rahm Emanual (D-Ill.), is sitting in the front row at First Baptist Church--the church where Clinton will soon speak.

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