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Obama responds to Gun control pleas from 400,000 White House petition signers

WASHINGTON--The White House petition program--where an issue gets consideration from the Obama administration if a threshold 25,000 signatures come within a deadline, has been flooded with people--some 400,000- urging the White House to take action to curb gun violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre a week ago.

Vice President Joe Biden is leading the task force to come up with proposals by next month, as ordered this week by President Barack Obama. Biden chief of staff Bruce Reed highlighted a video Obama made in response to the in a White House blog post, "First, you should know that President Obama is paying close to attention to the public response to this tragedy. In fact, he sat down to record a message specifically for those of you who have joined the conversation using We the People," the name of the site housing the petitions.

According to the White House, the Newtown, Ct. shooting petition for gun curbs is "the fastest petition ever to reach the 25,000 signature threshold."

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