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Near midnight eastern time, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2008. Kissimmee, Fl. Bill Clinton introduces Barack Obama at a late night rally. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

WASHINGTON--Happy birthday Sunday to Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, born at Chicago's Edgewater Hospital on October 26, 1947.

Clinton will spend part of her 61st birthday in Chicago, keynoting an AIPAC conference (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and stopping at the Standard Club for an Obama Victory Fund brunch with a price tag from $1,000 to $5,000. The expected $250,000 haul is expected to yield some debt reduction for Clinton. Clinton's allies hope President Obama at some point makes some time to do some serious Clinton fund-raising to help erase her debt. Clinton's team, keeping count, has raised more than $8 million for Obama's general election campaign.

WASHINGTON--I just listened to a message left by one of the regular commentators on my Sweet blog. John wanted to know if there was a chance of us all getting together in person to have the lively conversations we have in print.

Well, I'm game for trying if folks really want to meet up.

I'll be in Chicago for the Nov. 4 election night events and around for the next few days. I could arrange for us to meet someplace--maybe order some pizza and hang out in a Sun-Times conference room. Anyone out there interested in sometime between Nov. 5 and Nov. 7?

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WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton knocked themselves out for the Obama Biden ticket Sunday, campaigning with Joe and Jill Biden in Scranton, Pa. And the Clinton political operation--wants to make sure the record shows that Bill and Hill are doing heavy lifting. That's a reason the Clinton team sent out a transcript of Bill and Hill remarks from the Sunday rally (click below for transcript.). Hillary Clinton has already raised, she said, some $10 million for the Obama Biden ticket--that's counting checks written associated with events she has headlined.

excerpt from Bill Clinton: But I just want to tell you something - I have been working in national presidential campaigns in some form or fashion since 1968. She has done 50 events for Senator Obama. She has not only done more to support him than any runner-up in the Democratic primary process in my lifetime, she has done more than all the other runner-ups combined. That says a lot about why she ran for President and what she believes in.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is keeping close count on how much money she is raising for Barack Obama. To date, Clinton has headlined some 50 events for Obama and raised $10 millon for his presidential warchest.

She wants the record to be clear that she is coming through for him--using her network of supporters to help bankroll the presidential bid of her former rival. One reason that Clinton wants the figure out there is to keep the Obama team on notice that fund-raising can be a two way street and that the Obama donors have yet to step up with vigor to help her erase her primary debt.

Clinton made much that her father was from Scranton and she summered in the area when she stumped in Pennsylvania during the primary--a state she won. Clinton hits the road in Pennsylvania for two days starting Sunday in Scranton, where Joe Biden was raised.

Hillary and President Clinton join Biden and wife Jill in Scranton on Sunday.

WASHINGTON--Sarah Palin, stumped when asked about what she reads by Katie Couric, told FOX News Carl Cameron on Friday--the day after the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden her reading includes "The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and The Economist."

click below for transcript

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