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WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Thursday Wall Street Journal calls for a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures as part of any bailout package approved by Congress.

"We should also put in place a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and freeze rate hikes in adjustable-rate mortgages. We've got to stem the tide of failing mortgages and give the markets time to recover," Clinton said.

In the Thursday Washington Times, a look at McCain's congressional fund-raisers who are also requesting the earmarks McCain deplores.

WASHINGTON--Less than an hour before President Bush addresses the nation over the economic crisis, at 9 p.m. eastern time, the president called Barack Obama to ask him to attend a meeting here on Thursday. Obama, in debate preparations in Florida, agreed. This comes as John McCain said he suspended his campaign--including Friday's debate--until Congress reaches a bailout deal. The McCain operative I just spoke to said he was unaware if Bush also called McCain in.

"A few moments ago, President Bush called Senator Obama and asked him to attend a meeting in Washington tomorrow, which he agreed to do. Senator Obama has been working all week with leaders in Congress, Secretary Paulson, and Chairman Bernanke to improve this proposal, and he has said that he will continue to work in a bipartisan spirit and do whatever is necessary to come up with a final solution. He strongly believes the debate should go forward on Friday so that the American people can hear from their next President about how he will lead America forward at this defining moment for our country," said Obama-Biden spokesman Bill Burton.

WASHINGTON-NBC'S Today Show's Matt Lauer asked Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday "if you had been Barack Obama's running mate: would she have "neutralized the so-called Sarah Palin effect?

Clinton said, "You know, Matt, there's no point in going back and, you know, talking about something that didn't happen. I want to keep focused on the future and to talk to those people who are worried about their jobs, their home, affording gas and groceries, you know, thinking that the government has just turned its back on them, making them feel almost invisible."

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Tuesday, September 23
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Hillary Clinton Discusses Solutions to the Economic Crisis in Morning Show Interviews
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Can Clinton blunt Palin?

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WASHINGTON--As major female Democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton backers are consolidating around Barack Obama, the Obama campaign is cranking up its pitch to women voters, with a joint Clinton/Biden video forum Wednesday, part of a "Women's Week of Action."

This activity comes as polls show Obama has not been able to win over a chunk of Clinton backers--and as Sarah Palin threatens to drain off crucial female voters. The Obama campaign is, I was told, "redoubling" its efforts to lock-in support of women, especially the Democratic leaners who by logic should be with Obama.

Senators and House members and other women leaders will be out stumping for the ticket as part of an upcoming Women for Change Weekend.

WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton, scheduled to headline a Sunday fund-raiser for Barack Obama in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, cancelled hours before the reception, citing bad weather socking the city.

Clinton stumped for Obama in the key battleground state of Ohio earlier Sunday. She was to have been the draw at an event in the home of Kevin Conlon, a Democratic activist who helped spearhead Clintons' Illinois drive.

WASHINGTON--Sara Palin wears Tina Fey glasses and look where she is now. Tina Fey returned to NBC's "Saturday Night Live" to play her look-alike in a skit with Amy Poehler reprising her dead-on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

FEY AS PALIN: "It's truly amazing and I think women everywhere can agree,
that no matter your politics, it's time for a woman to make it to the White House."

POEHLER AS CLINTON: "No. Mine! It's supposed to be mine! I need to say something. I didn't want a woman to be President.

I wanted to be President and I just happen to be a woman. And I don't want to hear you compare your road to the White House to my road to the White House. I scratched and clawed through mud and barbed wire and you just glided in on a dog sled wearing your pageant sash and your Tina Fey glasses."

WASHINGTON--The headline on the ABC News Charles Gibson exclusive interview with Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin Says Barack Obama Might Regret Not Picking Hillary Clinton


Gov. Sarah Palin says Sen. Barack Obama just might regret not picking Sen. Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate.

"I think he's regretting not picking her now, I do. What, what determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way -- she handled those well," the Alaska governor told Charles Gibson in her third and final exclusive interview with ABC News.

WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton hits Wilmette on Sunday for a fund-raiser to benefit Barack Obama--with the hosts a blend of of the Chicago area's prominent Obama and Clinton money people.

The desert reception will be held at the home of Kevin Conlon, a long-time Democratic activist who was active on Clinton's presidential campaign. Hosts pledge to give or raise $5,000; to get in the door costs $1,000.

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