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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Because Democratic White House front-runners Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to go to Selma and Orangeburg, they have reminded the nation that for many people, the bloody struggle for civil rights happened in their lifetimes.

As they travel around the country in their own quests -- Obama would be the first black president if he is elected and Clinton the first woman if she wins -- the paths their campaigns are taking are already serving as important history lessons.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. -- If you've been on Mars for a while and did not know the names of the Democratic White House frontrunners, you could have thought after the first presidential debate Thursday they were Sen. Joe Biden, Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Chris Dodd.

ORANGEBURG, S.C.---Minutes before the start of the first 2008 Democratic presidential debate, White House hopefuls Barack Obama, (sipping from a bottle of water) mingled with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Then they took their places behind the podiums.

ORANGEBURG, S.C.—The spin room is ready. The spinners are arriving. The candidates are on their way. In just about three hours the first presidential debate of the 2008 season will begin when eight Democrats stand behind podiums at the campus of South Carolina State University.

Gleanings from the front:

*New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson spent the morning in debate prep at the Comfort Inn motel.
*Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D.N.Y.) is expected to wear a bright pantsuit. Neither daughter Chelsea nor husband Bill will attend the debate.

ORANGEBURG, S.C.—The very first 2008 presidential primary debate, tonight at South Carolina State University, is bringing a boom to this campus town.

WASHINGTON--The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has moved from its K Street offices here to the Virginia suburb of Ballston.

Excerpt from CNN interview....

LARRY KING: And now you are in the running. So first and foremost, what do you make of the Senator Obama threat?

BILL CLINTON: Well, I think, first of all, there are -- the good news about this primary for me as a Democrat who has been following this for 40 years now, is that nobody has to vote against anybody.

I mean, you have got a big field of people. If you look at the three that aren't doing well in the polls, Governor Richardson, Senator Biden, Senator Dodd, these people have rendered extraordinary service to our country.

And they are devoted public servants. They are highly intelligent. They are gifted people and they deserve to be seriously listened to. And then you have got -- and you have Senator Edwards doing well. You have got Senator Obama doing well. You have got the prospect that Vice President Gore might run.
We have got a good field. No one has to vote against anybody. And that means that people are free to vote for the person who is most likely to be the best president.

WASHINGTON--The Palmer House Hilton served as Bill Clinton's temporary headquarters during the 1992 primary when he won the Super Tuesday primaries and clinched the Democratic presidential nomination by winning the St. Patrick's Day primary in Illinois.

Now Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton makes her first presidential fundraising incursion May 7 in her native Chicago--chief rival Barack Obama's hometown--at a fundraiser targeting lawyers at the same hotel.

"Save the date" invitations went out Wednesday afternoon for the event, where co-hosts--not listed, the event is still being organized--are asked for $2,300.

During the first three months of this year, Obama raised $3,756,716 from Illinois, most from the Chicago area, compared to $373,500 from Illinois for Clinton. Still, Clinton has a very loyal group of well-connected friends in the city--dating from her high school days in Park Ridge, to her years in Arkansas and two terms as First Lady--who will shake the money trees for her.

WASHINGTON--Overall Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Rudy Giuliani are preferred among likely youthful (ages 18-24) voters, according to a new national poll by Harvard University's Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

The poll shows a youthful gender fault line emerging: while Obama leads Clinton among Democratic men, 43 percent to 20 percent, chief Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Obama 35 per cent to 29 per cent with young Democratic women.

WASHINGTON -- First-quarter fund-raising reports filed Sunday reveal a mixed story for Democratic White House front-runners Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton: Clinton has more cash on hand, but Obama outraised her in the first three months of the year.

WASHINGTON--In the wake of shock jock Don Imus racist and sexist smear of the Rutgers basketball team, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will speak at the university's well known Center for American Women and Politics and the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

Clinton on Wednesday launched a "Respect for Rutgers" drive on her campaign website, handing the team the best position on her front page. A centerpiece of Clinton's campaign strategy is locking up female votes.

Her Rutgers speech is titled "Because politics matter.""

WASHINGTON--Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for public "support" for the Rutgers basketball team smeared by Don Imus.

Clinton is using her presidential web site to ask the public to send a message of "respect and support" to the Rutgers players.

Clinton said "Don Imus's comments about them were nothing more than small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism. They showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and women everywhere.'

click below for Clinton message..

WASHINGTON---Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is putting together a Chicago-based professional fund-raising team, conceeding no ground to the city where chief rival Barack Obama lives.

Clinton hits Chicago on May 7, to headline a lunch benefiting the Mercy Home for boys and girls. There will be some separate fund-raising activity in Chicago for Clinton at that time.

Clinton's team signed on Rafi Jafri to be her Chicago finance director. He started last week, leaving the firm of Dykem Gossett to extract cash from the city where Clinton was born. Clinton has a core of loyalists in Chicago who have been raising money for her.

WASHINGTON--Take a tour of the Obama national headquarters in Chicago. Meet some of the staff. Check out the latest political photo galleries just posted on the Sweet blog at http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/

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In a first test of political strength, Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama outraised chief rival Hillary Rodham Clinton during the first three months of the year for money to use in the primary campaign -- massing a donor base of 100,000 names along the way.

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