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WASHINGTON--President Obama signed into law on Tuesday a bill renaming the Lakeview post office for folksinger and songwriter Steve Goodman, a North Side Chicago native.

Goodman died in 1984 at the age of 36 from leukemia after a string of songs that became classics: "City of New Orleans," "Lincoln Park Pirates" and "Go Cubs Go."

Though Goodman's family moved to the suburbs--he graduated Maine East High School--Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) honored Goodman's North Side roots in pushing for Goodman to be honored at the post office at 1343 W. Irving Park. A musical celebration and a plaque to mark the renaming will take place this fall, Quigley said.

"While most Chicagoans know him for the song we sing after every Cubs' win, Steve Goodman's contributions reach far beyond the ivy-covered walls of Wrigley," said Quigley in a statement. "Goodman was one of the most prolific American songwriters and performers of our time whose songs have been played by Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, and John Denver and whose short but tremendous life reminds us how one person can impact so many others. I'm happy to see the President sign this bill into law and I look forward to this fall's musical celebration."

Quigley in Poland


WASHINGTON -- White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked former President Bill Clinton to push Rep. Joe Sestak to drop a Democratic Pennsylvania Senate bid against Sen. Arlen Specter, offering in return unspecified unpaid advisory positions, the White House said Friday.

The revelations were in a legalistic White House seven-paragraph memo by White House Counsel Robert Bauer, who said he reviewed the Emanuel-orchestrated bid to persuade Sestak not to make the race and concluded nothing had been improperly offered.

The White House -- which months ago denied anything was offered -- refused to answer follow-up questions. The report did not state what positions Sestak was offered or who was interviewed.

Rep. Dan Lipinski wants stricter anti-abortion language in bill; abortion rights Rep. Mike Quigley, his fellow Illinois Democrat, wants no deal with opponents

WASHINGTON -- Over the weekend, President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were still scrambling to lock in 216 votes for their health-care bill, with a small group of Democrats -- whose support could be crucial -- holding out for stronger anti-abortion provisions.

I hear William Strong has the ability to pour his own money in to a GOP primary in the contest to replace Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) in the 10th congressional district. Kirk is running for Senate.

WASHINGTON--Mike Quigley was sworn into the House of Representatives on Tuesday night. The man he is replacing to represent the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, was on the House floor for Quiqley's first floor speech.

Quigley: Madam Speaker, you may find that Congressman Emanuel and I have different styles, perhaps a slightly different vocabulary. But though we are different in manner, Rahm and I share the same commitment--to fight for working families, to fight for health care, to protect the environment, and of course, to help our new president make good on the promise of fundamental change.

CHICAGO--The race to replace Rahm was a coming-of-age event for ProgressIllinois, the labor funded site that heavily reported on the Democratic primary contenders. Josh Kalven just posted a 300 second video wrap up on the contest, won by Cook County Board Member Mike Quigley.

CHICAGO--White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called Mike Quigley after the Cook County Board member clinched the Tuesday Democratic primary for the House seat Emanuel held before he left to join the Obama administration.

White House senior advisor David Axelrod also phoned in congratulations last night.

Quigley's plurality victory in the 5th congressional district race is tantamount to winning the seat. The April general election again nominal rivals is just a formality.

"Rahm called--good advice on constituent service," said Quigley spokesman Billy Weinberg.

Footnote: Axelrod handled media chores for three former congressmen from the fifth c.d., anchored on Chicago's Northwest Side: Emanuel, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and former Rep. Dan Rostenkowski.

Mike Quigley wins!

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get-attachment-1.aspx.jpeg(Sun-Times photo)

get-attachment.aspx.jpeg(Sun-Times photo)

CHICAGO--Cook County Board Member Mike Quigley won the Democratic primary to replace Rahm Emanuel in the House Tuesday night while being outspent 5-to-1.

Quigley had a $550,000 warchest while his main rivals raised about $3 million, according to Quigley campaign manager Tom Bowen.

Most of Quigley's money--about $350,000-- came in the last three weeks. Quigley landed the support of Bill Brandt, a major Democratic activist with some of the best fund-raising connections in the nation.

Quigley will clinch with about 23 percent of the vote.

CHICAGO--Cook County Board Member Michael Quigley won the Democratic nomination in the race to replace Rahm Emanuel in the House with a veteran political and fund-raising team.

A win in the primary in this heavily Democratic district is tantamount to victory in the April special general election.

The Quigley team







director Kelly


Top members of finance

CHICAGO--With a strong turnout in Chicago wards, Cook County Board Member Michael Quigley headed Tuesday night towards clinching the Democratic primary in the hotly contested fifth congressional district race to replace Rahm Emanuel.

Quigley's victory will be a plurality win in a district where the Democratic nominee will face only nominal GOP opposition in the special general election next month.


TC-Absentee 4,579 1.52%
TC-Precinct 39,093 13.01%
Total Registration and Turnout 300,551 43,672 14.53%
Registration Turnout
Registration & Turnout
Special Primary Ballot
Summary Report
City of Chicago

Jan H. Donatelli 602 1.48%
Frank Annunzio 496 1.22%
Carlos A. Monteagudo 316 0.78%
Victor A. Forys 4,303 10.57%
Charles J. Wheelan 2,771 6.81%
Sara Feigenholtz 6,665 16.37%
John A. Fritchey 7,163 17.60%
Mike Quigley 9,368 23.01%
Patrick J. O'Connor 5,181 12.73%
Cary Capparelli 475 1.17%
Paul J. Bryar 836 2.05%
Tom Geoghegan 2,532 6.22%
Total 40,708
DEM - Rep. In Congress, 5th 391 of 486 precincts counted 80.45%

This is primary day in the race to replace Rahm Emanuel. This is the first of a series of dispatches from Chicago Sun-Times reporters at 5th congressional district candidate election night headquarters and out in the field.

By Abdon Pallasch

Chicago Sun-Times political writer

CHICAGO--First voter I interviewed at a Northwest-side polling place this morning said he's voting for, "The guy you guys told me to vote for. I think he'll bring some independence." Though he added, "My wife's probably going to cancel out my vote. She's voting for Fritchey. She'd like to get our sewers fixed."

In my very highly scientific survey at three polling places in what is supposed to be Fritchey/O'Connor/Forys territory, here are the very surprising results: Quigley - 3; Geoghegan - 2; O'Connor -1; Feigenholtz - 1.

By Abdon M. Pallasch

Political Reporter/

CHICAGO--I'm about to step into the shower as the doorbell rings. I open the front door in my robe, barefoot, unshaven, my hair askew.

State Rep. Sarah Feigenholtz, one of 12 Democrats running to replace Rahm Emanuel in Tuesday's primary election, opens her eyes wide, covers them with her right hand and turns her head away as she begins laughing.

"It's OK, Sara, you can look. I've got my robe on," I tell her.

Welcome to the front line in the election, the working-class Jefferson Park neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest Side..

It's Saturday morning. Ald Patrick O'Connor is live on the Irish Hour on the radio. The mailbox and television are filling with increasingly nasty advertisements from the candidates.

Feigenholtz turns to her staffers, who are also laughing and one says, "You aren't the name on our list."

The Pallasch household has gotten at least five fliers from Feigenholtz in recent weeks, but all addressed to the woman of the house. Feigenholtz has surgically targetted women voters in her campaign. If she can just get all the women in the district to vote for her in a 12-candidate race with 10 male candidates, that's certain victory.

"You just missed her," I said. "But I show her all the stories."

"Don't show her that last one," Feigenholtz says sternly, apparently referring to a short item I wrote Thursday about how Feigenholtz used to date one of her main rivals, Cook County Commissioner Michael Quigley.

DFA backs Georghgan in 5th c.d. race

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WASHINGTON--White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is retaining his $1.76 million political warchest, I've been told, with Emanuel keeping his options open for a return to an elected position some time in the future.

"The account will obviously remain dormant during the time that former Congressman Emanuel is serving as President Obama's Chief of Staff," Emanuel spokesman Sarah Feinberg told me. "No decisions have been made about what will be done with the account or the funds in the account in the future."

WASHINGTON--Candidates in the March 3 primary in the Illinois fifth congressional race to replace Rahm Emanuel--must as of Thursday report contributions of $1,000 and more within 48 hours.

click below for FEC filing schedule

Wheelan new 5th district spot

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get-attachment-5.aspx.jpeg(Photo by Jon Sall)
White House chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gesturing; lower right, David Axelrod, White House senior advisor.

IMG_9637.JPG(photo by Lynn Sweet)
Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power
Sunstein is the incoming Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of the Office of Management and Budget.
Power is a foreign policy advisor

(Photo by Lynn Sweet)
Robert Bauer, Anita Dunn
Bauer, an attorney was the lawyer for the Obama presidential campaign.
Dunn, who runs a Democratic consulting firm, was one of Obama's top presidential campaign advisors.

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