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Obama praises Argonne scientists in speech at lab

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WASHINGTON--President Barack Obama on Friday praised the research and discoveries at Argonne National Lab in the Chicago suburb of Lemont--in particular the ability of the "outstanding scientists like so many of you, entrepreneurs, innovators; all of you were working together to take your discoveries and turn them into a business.

"So think about this: Just a few years ago, the American auto industry was flatlining. Today, thanks in part to discoveries made right here at Argonne, some of the most high-tech fuel-efficient pretty spiffy cars in the world are once again designed, engineered and built here in the United States.

"And that's why we have to keep investing in scientific research. It's why I need -- we have to maintain our edge because the work you're doing today will end up in the product that we make and sell tomorrow. You're helping to secure our energy future."

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