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Obama in Miami: "I know you guys aren't happy with my Chicago Bulls"

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Pres. Obama at a Wizards-Bulls game in 2009; AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A Chicago Bulls fan, President Barack Obama noted with polite glee his team beat the Miami Heat at the top of a speech he delivered Friday in Miami--as he paid the Heat a compliment, that "they are playing basketball the right way."

The Bulls outplayed the Heat Wednesday night at Chicago's United Center, beating them 101 to 97. The teams meet again on April 14.

In Miami for a speech about infrastructure investment, Obama consoled the Heat for the loss.

"I've got to get into a sticky subject right off the bat," Obama said.

"I -- I know you guys aren't happy with my Chicago Bulls," he said to boos. "But I just want you to know the Heat are going to be just fine. They're going to be OK. They -- they -- they are -- they are playing basketball the right way.

"The Hurricanes, they had a great season. No, no, they deserve a big round of applause.

"Tonight you've got Florida and Florida Gulf Coast going at it. One of them will go to the Elite Eight.So -- so let's face it: Florida is the center of basketball right now."

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