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Obama official swearing-in Sunday: Taking oath on Michelle family bible

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WASHINGTON--President Barack Obama officially gets sworn into a second term at 11:55 a.m. ET on Sunday at the White House, using a bible belonging to First Lady Michelle Obama's grandmother--the first female manager of a Moody Bible Institute bookstore.

Fraser Robinson III gave a bible to his mother, LaVaughn Delores Robinson in 1958, on Mother's Day; on Sunday, in the Blue Room, the bible becomes part of national--as well as Robinson family--presidential history.

I asked the Moody Bible Institute for some background on Mrs. Robinson and this is what I was told: During her time at Moody Bible Institute Mrs. Robinson held several positions at the school, where the main campus is at 820 N. LaSalle.

Her last position was as the store manager for one of Moody's book stores on the South Side. She was promoted to that job in 1976. Mrs. Robinson retired from Moody in 1980; she died in 2002.

Moody Bible Institute sold its retail stores in 2003.

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