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In wake of Sandy Hook: Sen. Lieberman calls for national commission on violence

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Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.) told pool reporters Sunday at the Newtown, Ct. memorial where President Barack Obama spoke--the fourth time he has helped a community mourn after a gun massacre-- that a national commission on violence should be created.

Lieberman: "I'm always reluctant about commissions, but I really believe we ought to have a national commission on violence. These events are happening more frequently and I worry that if we don't take a thoughtful look at them, we're going to lose the hurt and the anger that we have now."

"And that includes looking at violence in the entertainment culture, mental health services and, of course, gun laws. But I said that shouldn't stop anything that the president and Congress want to do. Two things I mentioned was to restore the assault weapons ban, which expired, which existed for 10 years, '94 to 2004, not enough votes to re-authorize it, and it had a significant effect on murders committed with guns. In other words, down. The second was, right now the background checks that the Brady Law has, if you go into a licensed federal firearms dealer, you got to be subject to, are pretty good. But if you go into a gun show or you go and buy a gun from some antique dealer, you're not checked at all. And those to me are two things that would be important."

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