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Lesley Gore urging women to vote: "You Don't Own Me"

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HIGHLAND BEACH, Fl.--"You Don't Own Me" was an anthem of the 1960s and Lesley Gore is re-introducing her hit to spur women to vote. While the new video--featuring a variety of women lip-synching her song--is not a direct appeal for President Barack Obama, it does highlight Mitt Romney's opposition to reproductive rights.

Gore appears at the start saying "I'm Lesley Gore and I approve this message."

At the end she appears again noting she recorded the song in 1964 and "It's hard for me to believe but we're still fighting for the same things we were then. Yes, ladies, we've got to come together and get out there and vote and protect our bodies. They're ours. Please vote."

Suzi Parker, over at the Washington Post's "She the People" writes, "the video, labeled as "YouDon'tOwnMePSA," is the mastermind of Sarah Sophie Flicker, a law school graduate, filmmaker, trapeze artist, mother and leader of New York's The Citizens Band, a cabaret collective that makes political statements."

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