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Democratic House political shop starts ad blitz against Dold, Biggert

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DCCC spot hitting Biggert

DCCC spot hitting Dold

WASHINGTON--The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Tuesday started running cable ads attacking two Chicago area Republican incumbents--Rep. Judy Biggert and Rep. Bob Dold--with the spots jumping to broadcast outlets on Oct. 23, I've been told.

The buy is part of the DCCC--the political operation for House Democrats--independent expenditure effort to elect Democrats Brad Schneider in the 10th congressional district and Bill Foster in the 11th c.d.

The DCCC has set aside $3 million for the Chicago market--and now they are starting to spend it. The ad targeting Biggert, running against Foster, is the start of a $65,000 weekly buy; the spot dealing with Dold is on a $65,000 weekly buy.

Millions of dollars has already been spent in Super Pac and independent expenditures in Illinois House races and more money will be sent to Illinois in the coming weeks as the parties battle for control of Congress.

In the past two weeks, the, National Republican Congressional Committee--the GOP House political shop, the DCCC counterpart--has been kicking in significant money against Schneider.

On Sept, 21, according to Federal Election Commission records, the NRCC spent $294,246 for media. Last Friday-- on Sept. 28--the NRCC added $10,650 for media and two expenditures for surveys--$17,000 and $18,500. The same day, according to FEC records the U.S. Chamber of Commerce also made an $550,000 media buy against Schneider.

Also on Sept. 21, the NRCC spent $266,040 for media hitting Foster.

The GOP House political shop has also set aside several million for other Illinois House races.

The Dold spot is aiming at Democratic cross-over voters in a North Shore district redrawn last year by Illinois Democrats to be more Democratic.

From the DCCC: "The ad highlights how by voting party line to essentially end Medicare and let insurance companies charge women higher premiums for their health care, Congressman Dold isn't independent. He's just being a Republican."

The Biggert spot is trying to weaken her with female and senior voters in a district that was also redrawn to have a Democratic advantage.

From the DCCC on the first spot they are running against Biggert: The spot" highlights how Congresswoman Biggert voted to give herself nine pay raises, but supported ending the Medicare guarantee and making seniors pay more for their health care.


"It is obvious that the DCCC is trying to launch false and negative attack ads against Bob Dold and Judy Biggert because they recognize what a failure their own recruitment process was for those seats. They are stuck with partisan and phony businessman Brad Schneider and failed politician Bill Foster who was already fired by voters in 2010. It isn't shocking that the DCCC would distort the facts. The reality of their candidates is pretty terrifying." - NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill

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