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Obama Ohio ad hits Mitt for slam on "47 percent" tax non-payers while not "coming clean" on his own

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WASHINGTON--The Obama campaign--in a new spot released Monday running in battleground Ohio--slammed Mitt Romney for his statement about 47 percent of Obama backers not paying taxes--linking it to Romney's Friday release of his federal income tax returns and the relatively low rate he pays on his taxes.

GOP Vice President candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is stumping in Lima, Ohio on Monday; Obama travels to the Toledo area on Wednesday.

FROM OBAMA FOR AMERICA RE THE AD: "Mitt Romney may have callously written off 47 percent of Americans, but President Obama knows that Romney was wrong to accuse tens of millions of Americans of not paying their fair share. The overwhelming majority of these Americans are workers, seniors, students, and people with disabilities, and they pay a significant share of their income in taxes, including social security and Medicare taxes and state and local taxes. These Americans shouldn't be put down; they should be respected for working hard and contributing to their communities.

"Instead of accusing hardworking Americans of failing to pay their fair share, Mitt Romney should come clean with the American people. With just two years of returns on the table, Mitt Romney falls far behind longstanding precedent - failing to match other Presidential candidates.

"No Taxes" will air in Ohio."

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