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Michelle Obama previews Tuesday speech: What I learned

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--First Lady Michelle Obama--previewing her Tuesday speech for the Sun-Times and several other outlets-- said her speech will lay out what is on the line for women in the presidential election--and how her husband needs to be re-elected to finish the work he started in his first term.

Her speech will be preceded, I learned by a video highlighting her accomplishments and experiences as first lady--in a sense an update on the 2008 biographical video shown at the Denver convention before her keynote.

"Tonight I am looking forward to reminding people across the country about the qualities and the experiences that makes my husband the man and the president that he is today," Mrs. Obama said in a conference call with about two dozen female columnists.

"And I've had an upclose look at just how hard Barack has worked to move this country forward, to rescue our economy and rebuild our middle class and give our kids the opportunites they deserve.

"So I am really excited to talk with everyone about why it is so important that we give him the chance to finish the job that we elected him to do four years ago."

Mrs. Obama never mentioned Mitt Romney's name--she never does--but as she talked about health insurance coverage gains for women's health under Obama--including no lifetime limits on breast cancer treatments and keeping children on parents policies until they are 26--she underscored the GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare.

"We as voters want to keep these reforms or watch them all be repealed."

Mrs. Obama said, "My job tonight is going to remind people about who my husband is."

Summing up she said, "Four years ago, millions of people across this country came together and elected the leader they knew would stand up for him in office. I want people to know that Barack is still that leader. He is still driven by the core values and principles that make him want to do this incredibly tough job in the first place."

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