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Lynn Sweet guesting Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources"

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below, CNN release about Sunday's "Reliable Sources" hosted by Howard Kurtz.....

"Peter Baker, of The New York Times, and Lynn Sweet, of the Chicago Sun-Times discuss the week in political coverage as well as how the candidates have made use of entertainment shows this election cycle. Appearing on a show like The View or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno can be a wild card, but there can also be a big pay-off with voters. Does it hurt or help the campaigns?

"Headlines and pundits are proclaiming that Romney's campaign is chaotic and disorganized - is the GOP candidate doomed in the election or are liberals just seeing what they want to see? Conservative blogger for the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin, and liberal radio show host Bill Press discuss how the campaigns are fairing.

"Bob Woodward, of The Washington Post, talks about his new book The Price of Politics, a behind the scenes look at the partisan deal-making that went into the debt ceiling debate last summer. Woodward will also give his take on media coverage of the election cycle.

"This Sunday at 11am ET"

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