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Romney and Ryan in Manassas: "We are going to win"

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Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their families in Manassas, Va. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

MANASSAS, VA.-- Mitt Romney, joined by Paul Ryan who he tapped as his running mate on Saturday, double teamed against President Barack Obama, jabbing him at a rally here--showing off the punching power of the new ticket.

"Hope and change has become attack and blame," said Ryan, speaking before Romney at an outdoor pavilion where the excitement among supporters was palatable in this historic civil war era city.

The Romney campaign traveled through Virginia Saturday with Ryan a seven-term House member from Janesville, Wisc., who is the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Romney, said Ryan, "is the kind of man made for this moment" as "the choice could not be more clear" between Romney and Obama.

"We honor you by letting you decide the course of this country," Ryan said, complimenting Romey on his record for running Bain Capital and the Salt Lake City Summer Olympics.

Taking the stage, Romney said of Ryan, "his heart is still in Janesville" and turned to Obama, slaming "Obama care" and asserting that health premiums have increased because of Obama's signature health care law.

Romney--as he has since the primary, asserted that Obama was Euro-centric and "and we don't want America to become Europe."

He distilled his campaign promises down to five--with goals not all that different from Obama"s. If president, Romney said he would push for energy independence, better education -"the teachers union is going to have to take a back seat"--more open trade, reduced deficits and spending and championing small business.

Said Romney to cheers, "We are going to stand for America and we are going to win."

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