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Rep. Walsh first ad "The Real Joe" to run on Olympic closing ceremony

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Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) runs his first broadcast ad for his re-election campaign on Sunday, buying time for a biographical spot titled "The Real Joe" on what will be a much watched closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics.

"I'm Joe Walsh. You've probably heard a little bit about me," Walsh says--a likely reference to stories about various comments Walsh has made that became controversial. Walsh, wearing a blue shirt, speaks directly to the camera in an ad designed to introduce him to voters.

Walsh, a freshman, burst on the political scene in 2010, when, in a surprise, he defeated former Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) running a shoestring campaign that had no budget for any paid broadcast media buy.

Walsh is now in a battle with Duckworth in the northwest suburban 8th Congressional District. Duckworth is not mentioned in the spot.

Walsh wants voters to know more about him and why he wants to be in Congress--that he has turned down congressional health insurance, sleeps in his office and is limiting himself--if he is re-elected--to only one more term.

Here's what Walsh says in the spot:

"I'm Joe Walsh. You've probably heard a little bit about me. I was born and raised in the northwest suburbs in a big old Irish Catholic family of nine kids. I raised my own family here.

"In Washington, I sleep in my office, I come home every single weekend, and I've hosted almost 200 town halls. Because I don't want you paying for my benefits, I turned down my congressional healthcare and pension. And because I'm sick of career politicians, I've limited myself to no more than three terms in office.

"You see, I didn't go to Washington to make friends or worry about my next election. I went because I'm scared we're leaving our kids and grandkids an America less free and less prosperous. We're better than that! We should demand a government that lives within its means and that stays out of our way. We don't want to bankrupt future generations. Do we?

"I'm Joe Walsh and I approve this message.

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