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Obama discloses (partly) secret: Where Malia, Sasha attended summer camp

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WASHINGTON--People have been curious where Malia and Sasha Obama attend summer camp--Malia has gone for a few years, this summer Sasha is a first-time camper. No one has confirmed a location, much less a state until Saturday, when President Barack Obama revealed the girls were at camp in New Hampshire--during a campaign stop in the battleground state.

Reporters on the whole respect a zone of privacy around presidential children. But when dad or mom offer up information, it's fair game.

Here's what Obama said:

"Now, first of all, I've got to just say thanks to all of you for looking after Malia and Sasha while they were up here. They were here for a month at camp, and they did a great -- they just had a great time, and enjoyed all the water sports, playing basketball and tennis, and arts and crafts. And, most importantly, there was some ice cream involved in the thing. They were quite pleased about that. So we missed them, though. Parents, it's tough when your kids are away, isn't it? We've missed them so much. And they promised they'd write -- and they did -- and they'd just say, "We're doing fine. Bye." It's tough."

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