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Malia, Sasha at overnight summer camp: Obama wants to send the girls a "little care package."

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in London without Malia and Sasha--because both girls are at overnight summer camp. This is the first year Sasha has gone; Malia is a camp veteran. President Barack Obama on Wednesday while stumping in Ohio stopped in a shop to inquire about sending a care package to his kids.

Campaigning in Mansfield, Ohio, Obama visited a fudge store and, according to the pool report, told a staffer, "Malia and Sasha left me for the summer."

"They're off at camp. And I don't want them to forget me so I was thinking about putting a little care package together. What do you think?"

from the pool report....

LaDonna Secrist, the owner: "Do you have a place to keep it cool?"

Obama: "Yeah, well, I'll have to get it back to the plane, but once I get to the plane it'll be OK."

Secrist asks Potus to try the fudge. She squeezes a bit onto his finger. He eats it.

Obama: "That's some amazing chocolate right there. In case you're wondering, that's premium chocolate. It tastes great."

Obama: "I didn't realize I'd get this display of how this chocolate is made."

Secrist explains how the chocolate is made but the conversation was inaudible to your pool.

The president began looking over the merchandise and picked out a box of chocolate for Michelle as the pool was exiting.

Via Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Meckler, with an assist from Reid Epstein.

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