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Napolitano: Chicago--with murder spree--could cooperate more with DHS

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WASHINGTON--Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said "yes" during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday when asked if more cooperation between DHS and Chicago--which does not chase down illegal immigrants--could impact the city's murder rate.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to meet with Napolitano on Friday, during a visit here here where he huddles with other cabinet officials and discusses his Chicago Infrastructure Trust as a morning session at the Center for American Progress.

The DHS question was asked by Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) who said," I'm going to insert my oars into geographic waters that are far extended from my district. So sometimes that can be a harmful exercise. But I'm told that Cook County, Illinois, is a so-called sanctuary jurisdiction that does not cooperate with ICE to deport immigrants who have been arrested.

"Chicago, I am furthermore informed, is currently experiencing a massive wave of gang-related homicides. Might not better cooperation between the county and ICE to deport illegal-immigrant gang members help or assist or alleviate the murder crisis in Chicago?

"Yes," said Napolitano.

Coble replied, "So that's a hypothetical, I'll admit."

"Yes, I agree," Napolitano said.

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