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Mitt raises $106.1 million in June, Obama collected $71 million

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Mitt Romney's fund-raising team raised $106.1 million in June--and increased the potential the Obama team will be outraised for the 2012 campaign. Later on Monday morning the Obama team announced its June total, $71 million, their best month so far.

This is the second month Romney has been collecting money with a joint drive from his Romney for President campaign plus the Romney Victory fund and the Republican National Committee. In May--the first month of the joint drive, Romney's team raised $76.8 million.

President Barack Obama has been raising money with the Democratic National Committee and his combined funds for a year.

His combo organizations raised $60 million in May, $43.6 million in April and $53 million in March. The Obama team raised $746 million for the 2008 presidential race. As I reported in June, "So far for the 2012 cycle, the joint efforts have raised about $460 million."

What Romney and Obama have in common: the campaigns will offer up fund-raising statistics about low-dollar donors--and ignore data to show the importance of high-dollar donations.

Stats from Mitt:

Romney For President, Romney Victory, and RNC Fundraising:

· $106.1 Million Raised In June

· 94% Of All Donations Received In June Were $250 Or Less

· $22.3 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 In June

· 536,729 Donations Received Under $250 In June

· Approximately $160 Million Cash On Hand

· Contributions Received From All 50 States And Washington, D.C.

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