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Biden at Chicago fund-raiser remembers Phil Corboy: The Abdon M. Pallasch pool report

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Vice-President Biden spoke Monday to 700 trial lawyers gathered from around the country at the American Association of Justice convention at the Chicago Hilton and Towers.

The fund-raiser for the Obama campaign, the DNC and some state races -- tickets started at $500 no estimate yet from the campaign on how much raised with photo ops thrown in -- capped off a weekend of family gathering with Biden's sons. His son Hunter, he said, owns a place in Long Beach, Indiana, on Lake Michigan.

Biden's son Beau Biden, attorney general of Delaware introduced the vice-president.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Beau Biden's father," Biden told the crowd, beneath the chandeliers of the Hilton's ornate Grand Ballroom.

Remembering the man known locally if not nationally as the father of personal injury law, Phil Corboy, Biden said, "Something is missing here today. It's Phil. Phil Corboy is missing. Phil became my friend a long, long time ago. Phil helped me in all my races. He was the consummate gentleman ... [The AAJ, formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association is] One of the reasons why I went to law school."

The lawyers play an important role in America, he said.

"You're the ones who say -- for all the malarkey you get -- you're well remunerated for what you do...but man, I don't know what we'd do without you -- who is going to step up and take the case of the little guy who's getting screwed?"

Biden said burdens on the middle class would multiply under Romney, especially when it comes to sending their kids to college.

"Imagine the Supreme Court after four years of Romney. This is not scare tactics, just what he said. If you're frightened it's because you should be. You know who his advisor on constitutional issues is? Appointed officially?, Robert Bork."

"Imagine what American foreign policy would look like in four years -- the man who said at first we did the right thing getting out of Iraq now says we should have 20-to-30,000 combat troops there, The guy who said we should not have set a date to turn over responsibility to the Afghans and bring the troops home."

"Romney's a good family man. These are decent men. But I think their judgment is fundamentally flawed. What's Romney's saying he's going to do in the first 100 days? He's going to de-regulate Wall Street. He's going to deregulate the banking industry. He's going to handcuff the EPA if they get in the way."

He said Romney wanted to cut taxes for the wealthy, including some of those in attendance: "That's on top of maintaining the tax cuts for y'all. I hope some of you in here are millionaires."

Biden's comments about Long Beach, Ind.: "[Hunter's] wife, my daughter-in-law, is from the Southwest Side of Chicago. Her family for, I guess, the last 35 years or so has been going up to the Lake. Hunt bought a pace on the lake right near his in-laws. He's been there since October. I Got to come out and see it. Those of you who are Chicagoans, no wonder you spend all your time on Lake Michigan, God it's beautiful. Long Beach is a beautiful area. Much as I love you I didn't want to leave the beach to come see you."

Abdon M. Pallasch

Chicago Sun-Times

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