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Romney public schedule, June 5, 2012. San Antonio

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morning memo from the Romney campaign...his public schedule at the bottom....

Good morning,

The results of last night's Wisconsin recall election are just one more example of how people across the country are continuing to reject the Obama agenda.

After Obama surrogate Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the Wisconsin recall election a "dry run" for November, there is no doubt that Chicago is nervous now more than ever about their chances across the board this fall. Republicans haven't won Wisconsin in a general election since 1984, so while we understand it will be a tough state for us, it will be a state that the Obama campaign is now forced to defend.

Last night, Gov. Romney made the following statement on Gov. Scott Walker's victory:

"I congratulate Scott Walker on his victory in Wisconsin. Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, D.C. Tonight's results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin. Governor Walker has shown that citizens and taxpayers can fight back - and prevail - against the runaway government costs imposed by labor bosses. Tonight voters said 'no' to the tired, liberal ideas of yesterday, and 'yes' to fiscal responsibility and a new direction. I look forward to working with Governor Walker to help build a better, brighter future for all Americans."

As the people of Wisconsin spoke last night, prominent Democrats also spoke - and continued to distance themselves from President Obama's policies. As Politico reports, "Bill Clinton ditches Obama message -- again":

"Last week, former President Bill Clinton disavowed a central theme of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. Tuesday, he added that a key piece of the White House's policy agenda doesn't make much sense to him either. With friends like this, Obama's political enemies don't need to do too much. In an interview with CNBC, Clinton sided with congressional Republicans over Obama in calling for Congress to temporarily renew the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts -- but he also heaped praise on private equity companies like Mitt Romney's Bain Capital... Clinton told CBNC that extending the Bush-era tax cuts across the board was "probably the best thing to do right now"... That's less than a week after Clinton praised Romney's time at Bain -- a statement he stood by in the interviews Tuesday -- and called the former Massachusetts governor qualified for the presidency, just as the Obama campaign launched an multi-pronged attack on Romney's business background in private equity and corporate buyouts. Clinton was doing more than just politely disagreeing with the Obama campaign's narrative about Romney's business experience -- he was undermining the foundation of the campaign's case against Romney as a candidate."

And President Clinton isn't alone in his sentiments. As Real Clear Politics reports, Former Gov. and DNC Chairman Ed Rendell defended President Clinton's comments as he heaped his own praise on Gov. Romney's successful business record and qualifications to be President:

"Fmr. Gov. and DNC Chairman Ed Rendell (D-Penn.) gave some advice to his Democratic colleagues and DNC successor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz...Rendell praises former President Bill Clinton for acknowledging Romney's "sterling" career as a businessman and not slamming his success. "What [Bill Clinton] said about Governor Romney is true, of course he is qualified. He's been governor of a big state, he ran a successful business, he rescued the Olympics, of course he's qualified to be president. So Bill Clinton says that and he carries instant credibility with the independents who are basically going to decide this election," Rendell said...Rendell says people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) lose their "credibility" when they attack Mitt Romney's time in the private sector. "You lose your credibility," Rendell said about Democratic surrogates who attack Mitt Romney's business successes."

All of this is in addition to the CBO's new report yesterday that confirmed that President Obama's policies have put our country on a path to fiscal ruin. As the Wall Street Journal writes, "The longer we extend Mr. Obama's legacy of slow growth and more debt, the greater the economic price to fix it." Romney for President Policy Director Lanhee Chen issued the following statement on President Obama's broken promise on cutting the national deficit:

"[Yesterday's] CBO report confirms that President Obama has placed us on a path to fiscal ruin. This is a President who promised to cut the deficit in half, but proceeded to run four consecutive trillion-dollar deficits and accumulate nearly as much publicly held debt as all prior presidents combined. Instead of displaying leadership, the President has proposed a new budget that Congress rejected unanimously. Instead of tackling entitlement reform, he has made clear that he has no plan for addressing the challenge. It is immoral to place such a burden on future generations, and Mitt Romney will not allow it to continue." -Lanhee Chen, Romney for President Policy Director

So while the Obama campaign continues to operate in damage control mode, Gov. Romney will continue to focus on his positive vision to get America working again.

Today, Gov. Romney will hold a tele-town hall with members of the National Federation of Independent Business. President Obama's hostility to job creators has affected new business enterprises that are struggling to start in the Obama economy:

The Average Number Of New Business Enterprises Under President Obama Is Approximately 100,000 Fewer Per Year Than During President Bush's Second Term. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 5/27/12)

New Business Startups Are At 30-Year Lows. "Not only the rate, but the raw numbers have declined, he said. In 1977, SBA figures show, Americans started 563,325 businesses with employees. In 2009, despite an increase in the population, they started 403,765. And no previous valleys dipped so low. A spreadsheet from Shane shows that neither the rate nor number of startups since 1977 ever hit the most recent level." (Tom Feran, "U.S. House Speaker John Boehner Says New Business Startups Are At The Lowest Levels In 30 Years,", 3/23/12)

Gov. Romney will also attend an event at USAA in San Antonio, Texas.

2:45 pm EDT Gov. Romney Holds Tele-Town Hall With National Federation Of Independent Business Members (to listen to the tele-town hall, please contact Jennifer Cooper at
3:45 pm EDT Governor Romney Attends Event At USAA

And in honor of the 68th anniversary of D-Day, Gov. Romney tweeted: ‏@MittRomney Thank you to those who stormed the beaches, took the cliffs and freed a continent. We should never forget #DDay


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