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Romney June 5, 2012: Fort Worth, Ann Romney Miami

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below, from Romney campaign...

Today, Gov. Romney will be holding an event in Fort Worth, Texas where he will be discussing how President Obama's hostility to job creators has hurt Hispanic business owners.

Hispanics have suffered from President Obama's failure to revive the economy:

The National Unemployment Rate For Hispanic Workers "Rose To A Bleak 11 Percent In May, Almost 3 Points Higher Than The National Average." "The national unemployment rate for Latinos rose to a bleak 11 percent in May, almost 3 points higher than the national average of 8.2 percent, according to new numbers released Friday by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Since the last report, the Hispanic unemployment rate increased from 10.3 Percent to 11.0 Percent." (Serafin Gómez, "Unemployment Jumps To 11 Percent Among Latinos, Report Says," Fox News,6/1/12)

In May 2012, 2.7 Million Hispanic Workers Were Unemployed. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 6/3/12)

Pew Center: "Hispanics Say They Have The Worst Of A Bad Economy" (Paul Taylor, et al, "Hispanics Say They Have The Worst Of A Bad Economy," Pew Research Center, 1/26/12)

Since 2008, More Hispanics Have Fallen Into Poverty. (People With Income Below Specified Ratios Of Their Poverty Thresholds By Selected Characteristics, 2008, US Census Bureau, 9/10/2009; People And Families In Poverty By Selected Characteristics: 2009 And 2010, US Census Bureau, 9/13/11)

But you don't hear the President talking about the suffering of the Hispanic community. His campaign ads say we "are on the right path." But Gov. Romney disagrees and believes that rising unemployment and more Hispanics in poverty is not the "right path" for our country:

WATCH our new web video, "Dismal," in English HERE.
WATCH our new web video, "Dismal," in Spanish HERE.

America can do better and, with Mitt Romney as president, we will. Prosperity for Hispanics depends on the success and growth of small businesses, but President Obama's liberal policies are holding them back. With decades of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney understands that reducing taxes and regulations and reforming the tax code will lower costs, help small and family businesses grow, and create jobs and economic opportunity in every community. Starting on Day One, President Romney will remove the burdens that the Obama Administration has placed on businesses and allow them to start hiring again. That is how we will get America back to work.

Yesterday, small business owners from around the country held press conference calls in battleground states - FL, IA, MI, NC, NH, PA, VA, OH, CO, NV and NM - to discuss how President Obama's record proves he is fundamentally hostile to job creators, both in his rhetoric and in his policies. Here are some of the local headlines in case you missed it:

Fox 31, Denver (CO), "Romney Campaign: Obama 'Hostile' To Colorado Job Creators."
Denver Post (CO), "Mitt Romney Supporters Talk About Uncertainty Under President Obama."
Craig Daily Press (CO), "Moffat County Business Owners Share Concerns Monday With Romney Campaign."
Quad-City Times (IA), "Romney Supporters: Obama 'Hostile' To Job Creators."
MLive (MI), "Michigan Small-Business Owners Fault Obama For Economy."
Bearing Drift (VA), "Sen. Jeff McWaters Says Obama Is Bad For Business."

Gov. Romney has the following event in Texas today, and does not have any interviews:

2:10 pm CDT Governor Romney Holds Event in Fort Worth

And Mrs. Romney has the following event in Florida today:

2:00 pm EDT Ann Romney Holds Miami Afternoon With Ann Event With Senator Anitere Flores


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