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Obama starting week hitting Mitt on cops, fire fighters teachers remark

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WASHINGTON--The Obama team is starting the week as it ended--hitting on a Mitt Romney Friday stumble about hiring police, firefighters and teachers--to deflect from a bigger gaffe President Barack Obama made the same day about how the private sector is "doing fine." So is the Romney squad--with its own web video on Obama and "doing fine."

Click below HERE for more column about Obama's gaffe and how the campaign tried to recover using Romney's stumble.

The Romney campaign Monday video below...

from the Obama campaign....

Obama for America Releases New Online Video on Mitt Romney's Job Elimination Plan

CHICAGO, IL -- Obama for America released a new online video today on Mitt Romney's job elimination plan for police officers, firefighters and teachers. President Obama is working to pass a jobs plan that would address specific challenges made clear in last month's jobs report -- teachers and first responders have been hit hard by the economic crisis - as part of his plan to create jobs in both the public and private sectors. On Friday, Mitt Romney made clear he opposes that plan, and even suggested that we need fewer teachers and first responders all together. That's not a plan to promote economic recovery.

This approach is nothing new to Mitt Romney -- it's the same one he pursued in Massachusetts, cutting funding for education and first responders leading to layoffs even though he grew the size of government overall. This new web video features interviews with Massachusetts elected officials who served during Gov. Romney's tenure --and highlights the local impact of the cuts he made at the state level to teachers, firefighters and police. In 2002, Mitt Romney promised Massachusetts that his experience as a corporate buyout specialist would help lead an economic turnaround. But Massachusetts plunged to 47th of 50 in the nation in job creation. Today, he's making those same empty promises to the entire country. Romney Economics didn't work then and it won't work now.

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