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Mitt's secret fund-raising: Chicago $3.3 million funder not on his "official" schedule

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CHICAGO--Mitt Romney's official schedule has only one item on for Thursday---a speech in Cincinnati. The Boston-based campaign refuses to put on his schedule any information about where Romney goes to raise money--not even a vague hint, like the name of a state.

President Barack Obama is in Cleveland today: Ohio is a battleground for the rivals. The Obama and Romney teams would prefer that the coverage only go to their comments on the economy each will deliver today. Obama's schedule notes that he has fund-raisers in New York tonight.

Romney has a dinner and a reception at the Pump Room in Public Chicago, a Gold Coast hotel on N. State Parkway. The price ranges from $2,500 to $75,000. The event will raise $3.3 million for Mitt's campaign. Add to that about $2 million Mitt raised in May from a suburban Chicago event an that's over $5 million from the area.

Romney's team also refuses to disclose the names of his bundlers, beyond a bare legal minimum. Bundlers are people who use their personal networks to raise campaign cash. Obama does disclose his bundlers.

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