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Mitt's major donor Utah gathering

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Though the campaign won't disclose it, Mitt Romney is running a major donor operation in Utah this weekend, gathering top GOP names to brief his main bundlers--people who use their personal networks to raise campaign cash. Unlike President Barack Obama, who names his bundlers and discloses where he goes to raise money---it's on his public schedule--the Romney team continues to hold tight fund-raising information. They recently---and give them credit--have started allowing a pool reporter to cover some events.

News about the Utah gathering of the Romney National Finance Committee leaked out and it is getting coverage:

ABC News Matt Negrin over-view of the event and the GOP big names attending is HERE.

The story about the fund-raising retreat from the Salt Lake City Deseret News--which is calling it the "Republicanpalooza" is HERE.

The Deseret News lede: "Republican heavyweights like Condeleeza Rice, Karl Rove and Sen. John McCain are coming to Utah this weekend to participate in an exclusive retreat the Mitt Romney campaign is holding for fundraisers who have either donated at least $50,000 or bundled more than $250,000."

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