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Jay Carney on Walker Wisconsin recall win: "Wouldn't read much into yesterday's results"

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WASHINGTON--White House press secretary Jay Carney shrugged off Wednesday Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's surviving his recall election:

"I didn't have much of a conversation with the President about Wisconsin. I think my observation is that what you had was an incumbent governor in a repeat election that he had won once, in which he outspent his challenger by a magnitude of 7 or 8 to 1, with an enormous amount of outside corporate money and huge donations, and you got essentially the same result.

"The President supported and stood by Tom Barrett, but I certainly wouldn't read much into yesterday's result beyond its effect on who's occupying the governor's seat in Wisconsin. I certainly read in some of the analysis by you and your colleagues that even among the electorate that voted yesterday in Wisconsin, voters substantially approved of the President's positions when it comes to who they felt had the best vision for protecting and securing the middle class, and we certainly think -- I certainly think that the President's message about the steps we need to take to grow the economy and create jobs will resonate in Wisconsin."

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