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Mitt's May 3 public schedule: Virginia with McDonnell- Bachmann endorsement

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below, from Mitt Romney campaign...

Good morning,
Gov. Romney is in Portsmouth, Virginia today where he will contrast President Obama's failure to work toward energy independence with Romney's plans to streamline and fast track the approval process and increase domestic production. President Obama has broken his promise to support an "all of the above" energy policy by holding up exploration for domestic energy sources in states like Virginia, where there is strong bipartisan support for drilling off the coast. This puts President Obama at odds with members of his own party, including Tim Kaine, who will be campaigning with the President on Saturday. At a time when nearly 23 million Americans are struggling for work, President Obama has sacrificed thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue by saying no to Virginia's offshore drilling efforts.

READ our research piece, "Obama's Energy Policies Have Virginia Running On Empty."

Four years ago, President Obama said energy would be a "leading priority" and that we couldn't afford more "broken promises." But more broken promises are exactly what we got.

WATCH the newest web video in our series on the economy, "Broken Promises: Energy."

In stark contrast, Gov. Romney would embrace the bipartisan consensus that has developed around Virginia's plans to explore off the Atlantic coast in an environmentally sound way, and he would allow the long delayed plan to finally advance to help put Americans to work, pump billions of dollars into our economy, and help ensure our energy security for decades to come.

Gov. Romney will be joined today by both Gov. McDonnell and Rep. Bachmann:

1:15pm EDT Governor Romney Holds Portsmouth Event

And will be taping three interviews with local television stations: WAVY-TV, WTKR-TV, and WVEC- TV.


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