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John Edwards verdict: not guilty one count; mistrial 5 counts

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WASHINGTON--The John Edwards jury--in his federal campaign finance trial- found him not guilty on one count with a mistrial on five other counts. My quick take:

1. The feds overcharged Edwards, who ran for president in 2008. The not-guilty count was on the charge he solicited about $1 million from a supporter--super rich "Bunny Mellon" -- to cover up his affair. Why was this against the law? Because the money solicited, the feds said, was really supersized improper campaign contributions.

Not so, the Edwards team argued. The Bunny Money was to try to prevent his wife, Elizabeth from knowing about the affair.

2. The feds should not ask for a new trial. Save the public the money, please.

3. The trial yielded something. We now know what a delusional figure Edwards was--in that he held out hope for Obama tapping him for some high spot--even as his mistress, Rielle Hunter was pregnant. We also know what a really good liar he is.

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