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David Axelrod, Jim Messina: Rip Mitt in Monday conference call

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WASHINGTON--Highlights from Monday conference call with Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and top strategist David Axelrod:

Axelrod ripped Koch Brothers, Karl Rove as "contract killers" in "SuperPacLand." Provocative language from Ax.

New ad released Monday for nine battleground states. Axelrod said Obama campaign will spend $25 million for initial buy in coming weeks. The states: OH, VA, PA, NV, NH, IA, NC, FL, and CO.

On gay marriage--which Obama is not for--Biden almost all in, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Monday he was for--Axelrod said "couldn't be a starker contrast" between Obama & Romney on LGBT issues.

Axelrod said Mitt et al is "basically reduced to running a negative campaign."

Axelrod says Romney never mentions that he was governor of Massachusetts.

Axelrod said Romney has run, counting spending from allied SuperPacs, , $55 million in media so far, most of it on "attacking" opponents.

Messina used new slogan "going forward" in talking up ad released Monday for 9 battleground states.

Republican National Committe spokesman Sean Spicer replied to "contract killers" remarks in a Tweet: "So if u don't agree w/ Axe u r equivalent to a contract killer?"

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