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Chicago's Kenneth Griffin in top ten of SuperPac donors

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Chicago's Kenneth Griffin has donated so much money to SuperPacs this election cycle--$2 million-- that he's ranked number eight in the Sunlight Foundation new top ten list of contributors.

Griffin and his wife, Ann are major players in the Mitt Romney presidential bid because of the SuperPac money.

Griffin is chief executive of Citadel LLC, a hedge fund and one of the nation's biggest SuperPAC donors this election cycle. On March 26, Griffin gave $850,000 to Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney SuperPAC. Restore Our Future's ads slamming Newt Gingrich played an important role in helping Romney clear the path to the GOP presidential nomination. In 2011, Griffin gave $300,000 to American Crossroads, another GOP-allied SuperPAC.

My column on Chicago SuperPac donors is HERE.

From Sunlight Foundation: "About 37 percent of super PAC contributions so far has come from these wealthy few. Here's a quick look at the top individual contributors and corporate contributors to super PACs this cycle."

1 Miriam Adelson $15,000,000
2 Harold Simmons $13,500,000
3 Sheldon Adelson $10,000,000
4 Bob Perry $7,350,000
5 Peter Thiel $2,735,000
6 Foster Friess $2,250,000
6 William Dore $2,250,000
7 Jon Huntsman $2,222,039
8 Kenneth Griffin $2,050,000
9 Amy Goldman $2,000,000
9 Jeffrey Katzenberg $2,000,000
10 James Simons $1,500,000

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