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Chicago NATO Summit Schedule: 61 nations plus EU, UN and World Bank

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WASHINGTON-- White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon laid out the NATO Chicago Summit broad schedule at a Thursday briefing. The final number as of today: 61 countries plus the EU, the United Nations and the World Bank will be in attendance.


President Barack Obama flies to Chicago on Saturday evening following the G-8 Summit at Camp David.


Donilon said "the first meeting that he'll have on Sunday will be with President Karzai of Afghanistan, obviously an important meeting because a central focus of the NATO summit will be on Afghanistan and on -- and Afghanistan's future. So the first meeting of the day, appropriately, is going to be with President Karzai of Afghanistan.

"The president will then move into various -- a series of NATO meetings. There'll be an initial meeting with the -- with just the NATO allies at the -- at 28. That evening, on Sunday evening, the NATO allies will meet at Soldier Field for a working dinner, and that'll be just leaders plus one adviser.


"On Monday morning the summit will continue at McCormick Place with discussions on Afghanistan. And this will be a broader meeting. This will be the NATO countries plus the 22 non-NATO Afghan troop --or non-NATO troop-contributing countries in Afghanistan.

"And the second formal meeting on Monday would be a session with the key partners that we had in various projects around the world with NATO."

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