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Romney's April 24, 2012: New Hampshire

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below, from Romney spokesman Andrea Saul....

Good morning,
As President Obama tries to convince young Americans this week that his policies have not been a failure for their job prospects, he's going to have a tough sell. Under President Obama's failed economic policies, young Americans have confronted "one of the worst job markets in decades" with employment among young adults at the lowest level "since the government started keeping records in 1948." Last year, more than half of all college graduates were "jobless or underemployed."

SEE INFOGRAHPIC on this attached and below.

Gov. Romney believes what young Americans want and need is a new president who will champion lasting and permanent policy changes that both address the rising cost of a college education and get our economy really growing again.

President Obama's policies have failed, so he's left with pure political gimmicks to try and distract Americans. Gov. Romney recently noted that the taxes President Obama would raise in his so-called Buffett Rule would only pay for 11 hours of his government spending.

The Washington Post fact check agreed with this assertion:

"... Romney's math adds up. One could even say he was generous, since he could have argued that the Buffett Rule would pay for no government in its first two years. Romney gets the rare and coveted Geppetto Checkmark."

Today, Gov. Romney will hold an event, "A Better America Begins Tonight," in Manchester, New Hampshire.

9:00 PM EDT "A Better America Begins Tonight"


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