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Romney not filing tax returns now, getting extension: $3,226,623 estimated tax liability

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WASHINGTON--Mit Romney and wife Ann filed for an automatic extension of time to submit their tax return for 2011, certain to fuel the Obama team's two criticisms of Romney when it comes to income taxes:

*the "Buffett Rule" should be enacted so wealthy folks like the Romneys pay more in income taxes.

*Romney needs to release multiple years of taxes for public scrutiny.

Romney campaign spokesman Andrea Saul said "sometime in the next six months and prior to the election, Gov. Romney will file and release the 2011 return when there is sufficient information to provide an accurate return."

The Romneys' filed a form 4868 which grants the routine extension to which everyone is entitled. They listed their estimated tax liability at $3,226,623 of which they made payments in 2011 of $3,434,441.

They sent in a payment of $887,000 to be applied to their estimated tax.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michlle made public their 2012 return for 2011 income on Friday. My post HERE on the Obama current and previous returns.

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