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Pelosi tells Charlie Rose she wants Hillary to run for president again

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WASHINGTON-House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told Charlie Rose on his PBS Show that she would like to see Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton run for president again.

Below, the exchange....

Charlie Rose:

Whoever's president, would you like to see the secretary of State, who is leaving office, run for president again?

Nancy Pelosi:


Charlie Rose:

I thought so.

Nancy Pelosi:

Yes. That would be so exciting. And isn't she a magnificent secretary of State?

Charlie Rose:

And do you believe she will?

Nancy Pelosi:

I have no knowledge of that, but --

Charlie Rose:

But she would be the instant frontrunner in the Democratic Party?

Nancy Pelosi:

You know what? You're talking about 100 years from now. We can't even predict who is going to win the election.

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